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ttodays topic: life

Post  poison on Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:43 pm

you do something rite, everyone things your too good. you do something wrong, ether everyone hates you for it or they love you and are happy for you. when one person dose something, they think is awesome, when a diffrant person dose it, its the worst thing that can happen.
your friends are your party, but not the ones you can trust, they will take what they can and never own up to there own mistakes. some will be your family some will stab you in the back. your friends will never last forever, but keep them while you can.
you don't chooses your family, but yet you can. your blood family may not love you, but your true family you created will. they will help you, they will take care of you. your true family is not always the one you have now
life is too short to not live, but life is too long not to keep yourself true. you live the way you want, whether you regret it or not. after you die, you will look back on what you have done, to ether be proud or have regret. you know what will happen to your soul, but only you can control what you do.
insecurities will stop you from doing things, but you must over come them so you dont live in fear.
people will hate you and people will love you, the people in your live will judge you. but only you can make your self, ignore the world be who you are, and live life to the fullest. be yourself and let no one else change you.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but love your body the way it is and be happy with yourself. show your confidence and be who you and let your cloths be your attitude.

i say these things not because i have allot of people doing these things to me, or because of someone. i say it because its the truth. and this is life no matter what people think it is.

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